Dance Parties

Tuesday Practice Parties

Join us every Tuesday from 8PM to 9PM. 

The Practice Party will play longer music to give you more time to practice your basics and new patterns. The feature dance of that night will be played often to allow you to focus more intently on that individual dance. It will be encouraged to ask the instructors for help during this Practice Party. 

Any student attending this Practice Party with more than 35 hours of private instruction should be ready to assist and dance with the beginners, even become leaders as necessary. Advanced material will not be taught and should not be danced. This class is to help NEW students bridge the gap in their knowledge, enabling them to more successfully attend the other group classes Stardust offers.

​​​​​​​Friday Dance Parties

We have dance parties every Friday from 8PM to 9:30PM. This is where you have a chance to practice all those cool moves and techniques your instructor was showing you on your private lesson. 


At our dance parties we play all 12 American Style Ballroom Dances, plus Argentine Tango, Bachata, Salsa, and Two Step. We have dance teachers at every dance party to help make your evening enjoyable.​


​Saturday Night Dances

​​Join us every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 7:30PM to 9:30PM for another night of dancing. We are looking forward to dancing with you.


***Please see our monthly calendar to see any changes in the schedule!***

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