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You are paying for one hour of a dance pro's time. So your private lesson rate is the same, if you are paying for a private lesson, private lesson for two, or semi-private lesson.

The cost of one private lesson is $75. Students can expect 50 to 55 minutes of instruction, with 5 to 10 minutes near the end of the private lesson to be used for wrapping up the lesson.

You can purchase private lessons one at a time or in discounted packages. You can expect the same great instruction regardless of your method of purchasing private lessons.



       ***Private lessons expire in one year from time of purchase. All refunds for unused private lessons must be requested 3 months before their expiration date.***​

Benefits of becoming a Stardust Student

By taking only one private lesson a month, you are considered a Stardust Student! Stardust Students can go to unlimited monthly group classes, and dance parties for FREE! Our goal is to provide all the avenues necessary to make you, your family, and your friends, accomplished dancers at an affordable price!​


​Saturday Night Dances​​

Get some extra dancing in on the weekend! The 2nd and 4th Saturday Night Dances are just $10 per person. For additional savings purchase a Saturday Night Dance VIP card. The VIP card is 5 Saturday Night Dances for $40.

Not ready to be a Stardust Student

Drop in to any Syllabus, Blending Series, or Silver Blending group class for just $15 per person.​

Drop in to any Tuesday Practice Party or Friday Dance Party for just $10 per person.

​​​Stardust Summer Dance Camps

The cost is $75 for the first child and only $10 for each additional child per family, per one-week course.

See our Monthly Calendar for dates on the next scheduled dance camps.

First FREE Private Dance Lesson


30 Minute Private Dance Lesson


1-Hour Private Dance Lesson


(3) 1-Hour Private Dance Lessons

$225 Take 1% when you purchase in the sudio. Take 2% when you purchase online.

(5) 1-Hour Private Dance Lessons

$375 Take 2% when you purchase in the studio. Take 3% when you purchase online.

(7) 1-Hour Private Dance Lessons

$525 Take 3% off when you purchase in the studio. Take 4% off when purchase online.

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