Private Lessons

​​Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to get the individualize attention you need to become a successful dancer. Imagine having a dance pro work with you one on one with any dance of your choice. Individualized attention is the fastest way to bring your dancing to the next level!


Private Lessons for Two

We understand that many people are looking to dance with that special someone! A private lesson for two is the opportunity for you to invite another individual to your private lesson. Often couples need assistance in learning how to dance with each other. Having you and your dance partner together on a private lesson with a dance pro, will help both of you iron out all the rough edges to get you dancing smoothly together!


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are a great way to share dancing with your whole family! We understand that many people just want to dance and also want to be able to afford it! A semi-private lesson is the opportunity for you to invite your entire family to a private lesson. If you are a parent with many children, or a social butterfly with many friends try a semi-private lesson. In vision yourself with your friends and family, learning from a dance pro!​

Private Lesson Continuity


There are only two things that make a good dancer TIME and PRACTICE!

 At Stardust Ballroom Dance Studio, LLC, you can expect the same quality dance lesson whether you buy in packages or just one lesson at a time.


You and your instructor will need to be realistic about setting goals. More TIME means more DANCING. More DANCING means more PRACTICE. More PRACTICE equals GOOD DANCING.

Below you will see the average amount of dances your instructor can cover based off of the continuity you choose:

Monthly Lessons           Number of Dances

1                                    1 to 2

2                                    2 to 4

3                                    4 to 6

4                                    6 to 8

Pick the lesson continuity with which you are most comfortable and your instructor will plan accordingly. Our goal at Stardust Ballroom Dance Studio, LLC is to give you a complete dance experience!​

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